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sriddle7's Journal

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19 March
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I was born in AK, Alaska & my grew up poor. Always wondered whether we would be eating or not. I, however, am thankful that I grew up that way as it stregthened me to be able to better tackle everyday life. I have three sisters & no brothers. I prefer the company of a woman to the company of a man. However, not for the first reason the would come to mind. Women are much more passionate & I believe that they can listen a bit more then men can. I used to play baseball, until I blew my arm. I own my own house, bought it for my finacee. We however broke up & now I have the house, a cat, & that pen is what she left me. :) jk. I love to make people smile & a woman with a great smile makes me melt & I believe it to be unfair so I outlaw smiling in my presence. I welcome all comments & thoughts, as well as friends.

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