Successful trip to the wet country.

Well, this is the fourth time I have been to what has been called the city of rain (Seattle) & it has yet to rain on me. I went with my ex a few years ago & a bird poo'ed on her head, but that is a much different story.

With the exception of the Airport issues I had an absolutly wonderful time. There was lots of lazy time in which cagekitten & I just was tv, but I most enjoyed her company. We went shopping to get me some PVC pants, couldn't find any so we ended up getting her some really sweet looking stuff. A belt, pants, a shirt, & two holes in her ears.

Was an amazing weekend & the simple malfunction with the blowup bed was not that big of an issue as the shopping wore me out to the core.

I got to see a couple of pole dancing moves from her & I just have to say WOW. Amazing, effortless, & absolutly gorgeous. Is the three words that come to mind.

Woohoo The mail has COME!

I booked my tickets to Seattle to make a visit to the Kitten & recieved them in the mail. They are for hte second weekend in Aug & in the words of my generation. 'It's gonna be off the heezy fo SHEEZY' :P

Trip has been BOOKED!

I have booked my trip to Seattle for August & it's a good thing that I did after cancelling on the kitten last year. The next step is going to be shopping with her & getting me some goth type cloths that cover my bottom :P This is definatly going to be a good time!

Sho FLY!!

There is this annoying fly at work that keeps pestering me. I can't manage to get him. He is making me twitch. Fly's & dripping water are really the only two things that put me on edge. When I was younger (lol) I would hunt them around my house. I was quite entertained with that. :P


HAHAHA, I spoke with each person I know & a few people inter family (cousins & such) & aparantly they all think that I am gay or bi. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but the fact that I am not :P. Is it because I don't talk about sex 24/7 like a lot of guys. I can keep my pants zipped when I see a good looking woman? Not too sure. I am very open about my sexuality & don't hold back anything like most. I am fairly confused as I have never had a boyfriend nor have I ever said that I was attracted to a guy. Very interesting & very confusing. ?????

Amazing, when you get a blast from the past

My bestfriend from elementry school through the first year of high school, finally, gave me a call back today. When we were talking I remember when we first met when I was 8 years old in 4th grade. HAHAHA, we would go through english & do those grammer checks for sentences & skip one of three & thinking back I remember seeing the teachers -5 marks on the pages lol. I also remember mispelling the word 'shirt' & spelling it shit. lol.
Now he has a wife & two kids & is married. Where has the time gone?

Oh boy what a bill

I just had a guy towed in & the tow bill is going to cost him $1,300 dollars. When he came in he stated that he had a Transmission line blow, his tranny was just rebuilt in Dallas a few days ago. It turned out to be the top radiator hose, the estimate for repair was only $170 dollars....

When loving cats turn

I will post a pic later this evening & if you have a shallow stomach then I would pass through it. I got home at one am from work & had to be back at 7. So, 5 hours sleep was all I was going to get. About 3AM I awake to see the plump cat jump up on the bed & love on me a bit. Then the cat lays down beside me. About 315 there is a rustle outside & the cat jumps up & over to the sil of the window. A cat in the distance lets out a high pitched squeel, more in hunger then anything else. I roll over on my side & the cat attacks my Left hand (I am left handed) Leaves scratches up my forearm & digs her teeth into my Thumb & actually pulls the bottom part of my nail (Left side about 1/4 inch) actually over my cuticle (the skin on my thumb. So now on that side of my thumb there is not nail forming under the skin it is all on the top. It is very painfull & I nearly fainted. I am also glad I hadn't eatin that day as I got really sick to my stomach. :) What a way to start the day off.

:) The loose end of a steel beem.

What that means? Dunno, I just wrote it. :)

Day 1-Sick of job
Day 2-Told a friend I was sick of job
Day 5-Called by former boss who heard of my job unhappiness
Day 6-Saw Boss & spoke with him, offered current pay plus a 200-600 dollar bonus per month.
Day 7-Told current employer about above offer.
Day 8-Current employer, just, more then matches above offer with guaranteed pay & no bonus
Day 9-Deceide to stay at a halfway unpleasant job or move on to a place where I enjoyed working for a slightly less salary?

Vacation planning time!

Well, it is time for vacation planning. Since I just started my job I can't take a week, but I can take a Friday off, visit someone, & just take the early flight on that monday as yo be back at work on Monday evening. So, where do I go? I have three different places I can go.

1-Seattle, I have always enjoyed Seattle the four times I went. The only thing I really haven't done is do the Goth thing down there, which, I have never done before. This will cost a bit more money (cloths & such) but will probably be the most fun. The biggest issue with this is that the only person I know around there (as I don't do things by myself) is Cagekitten & she is very busy with her new endevor as a Pole dancing, teaching, full time working, bellydancing, Goddess. Did I miss anything? And I cannot ask her to take time off from that to show me around, as that will wear her out without having to deal with me. :)

2-Spokane, WA-As much as I detested living there, I would enjoy going back to see my father & the few amount of friends that I have down there.

3-Houston, TX-Well, Texas during the summer would be the biggest downfall here. I have been to a beach, but not when it was the busy season. I have a few friends down there that are 'unhappy' with each other, they won't tell me why; but I get the inpression it is a big issue. So, if I go to Houston that is the only thing I will have to deal with & choosing amongst friends is not something I want to do.

Whatcha think?